$1,250,000 for a Teenager who Lost Sight in One Eye

When a 14-year old student attended freshman orientation at a Chicago-area high school, he was struck in the right eye by a pen. The pen had been thrown across the lunchroom by a fellow student at that school. With his family, the young student sought medical treatment from the opthalmologists at Olympia Fields Eyecare immediately following the injury.

A Failure to Diagnose

Not only did the medical professionals at Olympia Fields Eyecare fail to properly diagnose a puncture in the student’s eye, but also failed to identify and treat the injury in subsequent visits for treatment. In the weeks that followed the initial injury, the doctors and medical staff ignored developing signs of a dangerous intra-ocular infection known as endopthalmitis. As a result of that failure to correctly diagnose the real injury and medical issues, the 14-year-old student completely lost sight in his right eye.

Personal Injury: Holding the Offending Student Accountable

Prior to filing suit against Olympia Fields Eyecare and its physicians, Timothy McArdle and the personal injury attorneys at the firm filed suit against the student who threw the pen. Through that suit, Tim and his colleagues secured a $300,000 settlement, via the parents’ homeowners insurance policy.

A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against the Eye Doctors

Following the successful settlement against the family of the student who threw the pen, McArdle Frost filed a separate lawsuit against Olympia Fields Eyecare and the doctor who failed to recognize and diagnose the puncture of then eye, and who then ignored the developing infection. As the case against the eyecare center and its doctors was approaching trial, Tim McArdle and his fellow attorneys obtained an additional settlement with the physician for an additional $950,000. That additional settlement, combined with the outcome of the lawsuit against the student who threw the pen, enabled the firm to secure $1,250,000 to make up for the losses experienced by its client.

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