McArdle Frost Wins Significant Compensation for a Young Man Blinded in One-Eye

The Firm Secured $1.25 Million in Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Law Suits

Date: June 29, 2017

The personal injury lawyers at McArdle Frost have secured $1.25 million in settlements for a teenage boy who suffered a blindness-causing injury during an incident at his new school. Experienced trial attorneys, Timothy I. McArdle and his colleagues at the firm pursued individual law suits against the young man whose actions blinded the client and against the eye care facility and its doctors who failed to properly diagnose and treat the injury.

A Serious Injury Misdiagnosed

During freshman orientation day at a Chicago area school, the client was injured by a pen. The pen had been thrown by a fellow student – and caught the firm’s client unaware as it struck his eye, causing significant injury. Together with his parents, the injured teenager went to Olympia Fields Eyecare for medical treatment of his eye. During both the initial visit, and in subsequent visits for medical treatment, the doctor at Olympia Fields Eyecare failed to properly diagnose the puncture in the client’s eye. Over the course of several weeks after the initial injury, the physician failed to detect the signs of an intra-ocular infection known as endopthalmitis, a very serious infection of the eye requiring immediate and aggressive treatment. As a result of that failure to properly diagnose and treat the client’s injury and medical condition, the 14-year-old student completely lost sight in his right eye.

Pursuing a Dual Suit Approach

In a strategic approach, the personal injury lawyers at McArdle Frost sued the parents of the boy who threw the pen separately from the suit the firm brought against Olympia Eye Care. The family of the boy who threw the pen settled for $300,000, via their home-owners insurance policy. Subsequently, as the case against Olympia Fields Eyecare and its doctors progressed towards trial, the firm secured $950,000 in a settlement from the main defendant doctor at Olympia Fields Eyecare. The combined compensation to this young man, who was blinded in one eye, was $1,250,000.

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